20 Rules To Great Advertising

October 3, 2016

1 – Create a great product first.

No amount of advertising will do you any good if what you’re selling isn’t great.

2 – Narrow your target audience to a single person.

This will lead to a much greater connection with the people that benefit most from your product. For more info, check out our article titled “How to make more money by selling to less people”.

3 – Have a goal before you start.

In order to hit a target, you must first know where it is. For more info, check out our article titled “Strategy in animation”.

4 – Tell a story.

Since we’ve been painting in caves, the story is what helps people connect more than anything else. For more info, take a look at our article titled “Story is everything”.

5 – Be honest.

Not telling the whole truth about your brand or product will do more to kill your business than to help it grow.

6 – Don’t be a hero.

Focus your message on how to help your audience be better, not how great you are. For more info, check out our article titled “How to make a difference with animation”.

7 – Give Value.

Gain trust by giving valuable information or ideas to your audience.

8 – Don’t talk like a robot.

People aren’t impressed by fancy words, speak their language to create real communication.

9 – Be yourself.

Don’t confuse people by saying things that don’t match your purpose and values.

10 – Create a conversation.

Ads that create conversation are shared with others and remembered for much longer.

11 – Visuals must help tell the story.

Don’t miss an opportunity to get your message across.

12 – Always use a “call-to-action”.  

Give people a clear path to the next step you’d like them to take.

13 – Don’t be like everyone else.

Separate yourself from your competitors by having different messages and visuals.

14 – Keep it as simple & short as possible.

The shorter the message, the more likely it will be taken in completely.

15 – Focus on benefits, NOT features.

Specifications and numbers are great, but they won’t be as convincing as telling people about the personal benefits of your product. For more info check out our article titled “Stop Making Commercials”.

16 – Use correct spelling and grammar.

Spelling things wrong is only cute when it’s a 10-year old’s lemonade stand.

17 – Work to gain friends, not customers.

It’s much easier to get friends to buy what you’re selling than strangers.

18 – Treat your customers like they’re smart.

People are sold to 24/7 and have a growing ability to ignore ads. To reach them you must also think smarter. Take a look at an article titled “Does anyone really care? How to make ads that won’t be ignored”, for further research.

19 – Speak to people at every stage in the buying cycle.

Create separate messages to increase brand awareness, increase interaction, increase sales and increase loyalty.

20 – Think beyond trends.

A trend should never be the center of an advertising idea. They should be used only if it helps tell the story.

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