6 Reasons to Start Using Animation

January 23, 2017

There are thousands of reasons to use video in your marketing, but why specifically would you choose animation over live-action video? No, animation isn’t the solution to every marketing problem but this list of 6 reasons why you should use animation should get you thinking about why and when to use animation over video.

1 – It has a very wide emotional range.

Animation is an extremely emotional medium that can easily range from sadness, to fear, to pure joy in just a few keyframes. Depending on your brand and story — you can use different animation styles or techniques to grab the exact emotional positioning you’re looking for on a very wide emotional spectrum.

2 – Appeal to all.

Animation is one of the few mediums that can be used to appeal to everyone from 0 – 99. While you should never try to appeal to that wide range of an audience, you’ll have the ability to, by using a range of different styles, design, lighting, colors, music, story or motion.

3 – Adds a level of professionalism and trust.

An engaging story, smooth motion, great audio and design executed to pixel perfection are extremely noticeable even to the untrained eye. These details play a big role in the perception of the amount of professionalism your company has in the eyes of your viewer.

4 – Helps with brand recognition.

Type, colors, negative space, and tone all play a big role in your brand. With motion graphics, you’ll have the ability to use brand elements to encourage recognition of your brand by your viewer. This helps with growing an already established relationship with your viewer AND introducing your brand to others.

5 – Communicate quickly

Animation has the ability to communicate with your viewers on a much faster scale than any other medium. This makes using animation on social media ideal as you only get a few seconds to grab attention and tell your viewer something before they get bored and leave.

6 – Visually explain something that isn’t visual.

Sometimes it can be extremely confusing explaining something that is really complex or something that might be confusing to look at. Using animation can help simplify a process, technology or biology to make even the average person understand concepts. It can even help explain complex business services like our Rhove project.

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