Before we work together

June 5, 2020

What we need from you.

Before we kick off a project, there are a few things that we need from you. The first is a signed contract and deposit. We also need any/all brand material like logos, fonts, and brand guide. The last thing would be any possible references you’d like to be included in our creative process.

If we’re NOT working on strategy together, we’ll need one provided. That should include information about your audience, your company, the goal you’re trying to reach, KPIs, and the idea for how you’re going to reach that goal.

If we ARE working on strategy together, we’ll need to know a lot about your business including metrics on web traffic, revenue, product sales, locations, profit margins, social media stats, information on previous campaigns and the big one, we need to know what you’re trying to change.

How we communicate

For all project communication, we prefer to use email. However, for video projects, we also use a web application for reviews. In that tool, you’ll be invited to leave comments at specific points. For conversations that may require a lot of back and forth, we’ll have a phone or video call.

We ask that there’s only ONE person on your team that we communicate with. We totally understand that there might be many interested parties at your company, but when more than one person is leaving their opinions, it often leads to conflicting ideas. And as opinions are, they don’t ALWAYS need to be acted on. For committees, it’s best to review internally with your team and give us a collection of thoughts at a time.

During projects, we ask that any feedback is provided within 2 business days during Mon-Fri. This helps us stay on schedule and budget. Delays can result in added fees.

Our Process

  1. Content StrategyA Content Strategy is like a playbook for what content your company should be creating and why you should create it. Unlike a list of the top ways to market your company that can be found online, a custom content strategy is a plan made specifically for your business and takes your business KPIs into account.

    First, we start with a conversation to extract a goal. Then, after understanding a bit more about your company, we’ll put together some opportunities AND ideas for your company’s marketing.

  2. Creation/production
    1. Creative direction and story
    2. Art direction
    3. Animation/video
    4. Sound design
  3. Analysis and iteration.

Giving Good Feedback/Revisions

We absolutely want to hear your thoughts throughout the project, nobody knows your company as you do. We want to make sure we help you succeed massively from our work and that means having a great partnership and collaboration. To make sure we’re talking the same language here’s 3 items that should be included with all your feedback.

  1. Requested changes are clearly actionable and are not open to interpretation.
  2. Requested changes are decisive.
  3. Requested changes should come with an explanation of how it will affect the final outcome/goal of the project.

For each approval point listed in the proposal, you’ll be given up to 3 rounds of revisions. Specifics will be in your proposal.

What happens when we’re done?

Once we’re all done, we don’t simply send you a file and run. It’s important for us to measure our success for you. By understanding that information, we can help make adjustments or iterations to make our work even more effective for you.

So, you’ll likely hear from us a week or two after your project is launched, again at around 60 days and again at around 180 days.

Let’s get to work!

Every project and every client is a different experience for us. That’s part of what makes this a lot of fun for us. If we’re working together, it’s because we have a great deal of respect for you and your team and can’t wait to help you build on what you’ve already created.

Things you should have ready for our first call.

  • Signed contract
  • Deposit made
  • ALL brand assets packaged and sent over.
  • Any business metrics and stats on web traffic, revenue, product sales, locations, profit margins, social media stats, information on previous campaigns, and the big one, we need to know what you’re trying to change.
  • Information on your target audience or a target persona.
  • A single communication person at your company. Preferably the person in charge of making the final decision.

Written by Matt Vojacek


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