Interested in joining our team? Here’s a little more on how we’re structured and some of our benefits.


  • Leadership

    As a remote studio, we need leaders who can lead by example, effectively communicate, and manage projects miles away from each of their team members.

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  • Production

    This is where the magic happens! Keep your eyes peeled here for roles in illustration, animation, sound design and more.

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  • Administration

    Even though we're primarily an animation company, we need the help of other business experts too! Look here for roles in marketing, IT, accounting, business development and more.

Our Team

Made By Things works with many strategic partners to accomplish different kinds of goals. Those partners might be freelance designers, or they may be large video production companies. We have a base team that grows as needed with these partners for each project.


Our goal is to make Made By Things one of the absolute best places to work in the entire world. While we are a small team, we’ve put together a benefits package that resembles some of the largest companies in the world. We’re also constantly looking for NEW benefits to add as we grow.

  • Health Insurance

    Made By Things offers medical coverage for eligible employees and their eligible dependents after 60 days of employment OR during open enrollment periods. Vision and Dental insurance is also available for all eligible employees.

  • Remote Work

    You MUST be able to legally work inside the U.S., but as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world. We will need a “permanent” address inside the United States for you as well.

  • Profit-Sharing

    At Made By Things, we believe in investing in our employees. If we have a profitable year, it’s because everyone worked together effectively and efficiently to make it happen. At the end of a good year, we give a profit-sharing bonus to ALL full-time staff. That share is based on a percentage of company profits created that year.

  • Paid time off & holidays

    We use a self-managed PTO policy. Every person on the team is expected to manage their own time. There is nobody watching you all day long studying your every move and counting your bathroom breaks. The freedom we offer though comes with an expectation that we deliver great work on time.

    In addition to your self-managed PTO, the studio will be completely shut down on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Wed-Fri) and Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.

  • Flexible hours

    Typically, our team works 9am – 5pm EST. Made By Things recognizes that many employees need flexibility in work schedules in order to meet personal needs. Have a Doctor’s appointment, need an oil change, or maybe you just want to take the family to the zoo? No worries, simply let the team know. 

  • Matching 401k

    After you’ve been employed for 6 months. You’re eligible for retirement benefits, including a matching 401k. Made By Things matches dollar for dollar up to 3% and half of the next 2%. For example, If you put away 5% of your pay into a 401k account, Made By Things matches 4% of your pay. All contributed amounts are 100% vested.

  • Maternity & Paternity

    After 1 year of employment, full-time employees receive 4 weeks of paid time off for the birth of a child.

  • Health Savings Account

    Eligible employees can contribute to an HSA and use the funds later to pay for qualified medical expenses.

  • Equipment and Leasing

    Every full-time employee is offered a Made By Things machine and equipment to use.  However, if you already have your own primary machine and don’t need another, we’ll lease your machine + accessories from you for $500/year, paid in addition to your regular salary. Want to use a Made By Things machine later, but not now? No problem!

  • Annual Retreat

    At least once each year, we bring our whole team together for a chance to get to know each other better and experience some fun times… and probably a bit of competition too.

  • Life Insurance

    We provide EVERY full-time employee with a $15,000 life insurance policy at no cost. In the unfortunate case of death, this is payable to a beneficiary of the employee’s choice.

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