Freelance Illustrator

We’re looking for freelance Illustrators At Made By Things!

The skills this person MUST have:

  • You’re a pro with hand-drawn painting characters and environments in Adobe Photoshop. You can adapt your style to a similar style with some simple technique adjustments.
  • You can read a creative brief and translate it into visual concepts.
  • You understand how to tell great stories with design fundamentals.
  • You consider yourself an organized person with neat files that can be used easily by other teammates.
  • Highly effective communicator. Sure, you spell some words wrong occasionally, but you write and speak efficiently, confidently, and clearly.
  • You get shit done! You work with great efficiency to create great work. You’ve heard on occasion, “I can’t believe you did that so fast!” and “wow, this is amazing!”.
  • Asks a lot of questions. You take the time to fully understand things at the beginning of every project. You’re not afraid to ask “dumb” questions because you know it makes you more effective. When you don’t know how to do something, you know how to find the answers.

Bonus points.

  • You can design characters with great personalities.
  • You have great drawing and concept skills.

Job Duties

You’ll work primarily with the Art Director on the team as well as a project manager and other illustrators to complete high-quality children’s book illustrations. Daily tasks will change as needed, but here are some of the job duties you could expect for this position.

  • You’ll be sketching pages from a provided description using provided characters.
  • You’ll take approved sketches and then hand-paint the details.


  • This person should be available to work at least 30+ hours/week
  • 2+ years of experience with print media
  • Can live anywhere, but must be able to work in EST.
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