Freelance Producer

We’re hiring a freelance producer to help with a long-term project that includes 3d and 2d illustrations for printed material.

  • Extremely organized. You like things organized a specific way and organizing your garage is a fun weekend activity. Your attention to detail is almost annoying.
  • You have print media experience. You get CMYK, resolutions, bleeds and can clearly communicate specs to artists.
  • Incredibly personable. You’re a likable person that recognizes social cues.
  • Highly effective communicator. Sure, you spell some words wrong occasionally, but you write and speak efficiently, confidently, and clearly.
  • You understand what empathy is, but understand that it’s important to be direct to avoid confusion.
  • You get shit done! Not every day is super smooth sailing, but even in bad weather, you find a way to stay strong and sail another day… No, you won’t actually be sailing but you’d figure out how to if you needed to, right? You have a great ability to focus and find ways to get things done no matter the roadblock.
  • Asks a lot of questions. You take the time to fully understand things at the beginning of every project. You’re not afraid to ask “dumb” questions because you know it makes you more effective.
  • Can effectively manage a project schedule and delegate tasks efficiently.


  • This person should be available to work at least 30+ hours/week
  • 2+ years of experience with print media
  • Can live anywhere, but must be able to work in EST.
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