Freelance Stop-Motion Animator

The Made By Things team is looking for a freelance stop-motion animator for an ongoing initiative called “Stop-Motion Thing”. You’ll essentially be responsible for taking a product and creating a number of interesting shots and either editing yourself or handing off to another editor to put the piece of content together.

You’ll work primarily with the Creative Director on the team as well as a producer and possibly other animators/editors to complete high-quality stop-motion content.

The skills this person MUST have:

  • Must have a great deal of knowledge of Dragonframe as well as a stop-motion portfolio that proves that knowledge.
  • Experience with video editing and sound design a plus. Ideally Premiere and After Effects, but we’re open.
  • You understand how to tell great stories with movement and pacing.
  • You consider yourself an organized person with neat files that can be used by other teammates.
  • Highly effective communicator. Sure, you spell some words wrong occasionally, but you write and speak efficiently, confidently, and clearly.
  • You get shit done! You work with great efficiency to create great work. You’ve heard on occasion, “I can’t believe you did that so fast!” and “wow, this is amazing!”.
  • You’re not afraid to ask “dumb” questions because you know that it makes you more effective. When you don’t know how to do something, you know how to find the answers.


  • MUST be able to commute to the studio in Columbus, Ohio OR have your own light, camera and studio setup anywhere inside the U.S..

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