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Our Work In Data and Analytics

We love numbers! But data and analytics can be challenging to display visually in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. We’ve discovered how we can transcend complicated language for a more elegant approach.

Our team at Made By Things has experience working with some of the top data insitutions in the country from a variety of backgrounds, all the way from healthcare to artificial intelligence. Take a look at this brief list of some of those partners below.

“Made By Things is more than a “vendor” or “contractor”. They work collaboratively, bringing creative ideas to the table, and can be trusted to deliver. The part that made me happiest about working with Made By Things was the collaborative nature of project. When we both can contribute to the outcome we both can feel ownership.”

Jon Linton – Gamalon (Cambridge, MA)

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Some of our work in the Data Industry

  • Arcadia – Brand Film

    While this one seemed a little intimidating, especially understanding some of the more technical language and aspects of data analysis and healthcare, we were tasked with making Arcadia look like the leather-jacket-wearers of healthcare data.

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  • Gamalon

    While most users stay on sites for less than 2 minutes, 55% spend less than 15 seconds if their attention isn’t captured immediately. Opening with something clean and visually interesting was a must for us.

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  • Welcome To IBEX

    The IBEX oven is without a doubt, one of the best innovations in commercial cooking, but here’s a big problem not many people talk about when it comes to NEW products… Adoption of that product can be met with skepticism.

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