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Our Work In Healthcare

We feel passionately about clear and effective communication within healthcare. Which is why we like to blend explanation with storytelling, because healthcare should never feel inaccessible or confusing.

We’ve worked with companies involved in many different aspect of healthcare, including data, insurance, loans, and more. Check out some of our partners!

“We feel lucky to work with Made By Things! One of the things we really appreciated about MXT form the beginning was how they came in truly wanting to understand out story and how we wanted it to evolve. They got it right away. They were a true partner. It never felt like it was about the money or anything like that. It was about delivering really thoughtful, quality work.”

Jess Ehler (Head of Marketing and Culture at Provide)

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Check out some of our work in healthcare here...

  • Provide

    This comprehensive campaign was completed with 2D and 3D animation and live action.

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  • Arcadia – Brand Film

    While this one seemed a little intimidating, especially understanding some of the more technical language and aspects of data analysis and healthcare, we were tasked with making Arcadia look like the leather-jacket-wearers of healthcare data.

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  • Provide – A Dream Come True

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  • Smile Doctors + Dental Monitoring

    Initially, they were going to go with a live-action approach but had some doubts that large images of teeth and gums would match their fun and witty brand. Also… close-ups of teeth and gums can be kinda scary.

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  • Stronger Than Yesterday

    While technology and computers are a big part of what we do, finding ways to communicate emotions and feelings is what we constantly think about. This award-winning campaign was 4 films telling real stories of local patients.

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