How Much We Charge and 10 Other FAQs

February 27, 2017

1 – What is your cost?

The amount we charge depends on a lot of factors that produce a very wide range of costs. That makes it nearly impossible to answer that question immediately. Before throwing numbers around it’s important for us to understand what it is that you hope to accomplish with our help. We dig deep to really get to know you, your business, your audience and the best possible solutions for a problem you may be having first. Only once we know if/how we can help you do we quote on a project.

Yes, that can be a lengthy process but we put it in place for a reason, it leads to our best work and best outcomes for you.

2 – What if we can’t help you get a return on your investment?

Simple, we don’t take projects that we can’t reasonably help people get a return on their investment from. Our mission is to help people like you grow your company with video marketing and animation. 100% of what we do every day is in effort to that mission. If we find that we can’t help, we don’t charge anything and we point you in the direction of what would be most helpful to you at that moment.

3 – Do you do consultations?

Yes, we offer free consultations. That includes conversations about your goals, company, audience and a proposal for how we can help you.

4 – What kinds of things do you need to know in the consultation?

In order to know if we can help you, we ask a lot of questions, some may seem a little personal to your business, but all are to make sure we can help you. For example, we know that pages with video or animation can lead to 1.9% more conversions. So we may ask what your current sales of a certain product are to see exactly what we can help you gain.

We take all our relationships very seriously and make sure that everyone involved in every project wins. When we work together, we’re partners. For us to succeed, you must also succeed. So we do everything possible to make that happen.

5 – Can you make something like this?

Something people often do is send an animation over and ask, “can you make this, but for us?”. To answer your question — at the risk of sounding a bit bold — Yes. We make everything from live-action video, hand-drawn animation, stop motion animation, motion graphics to realistic 3d animation. Often, it comes down to what a budget can support before we put together those options.

However, one thing we put an enormous priority on is making something specifically for you and your audience. Not every style fits every brand, that’s why we make sure to get to know your company and audience first. We then use that information to lead the art direction process and find the best style fit.

6 – Do you make whiteboard animations?

No. While sometimes whiteboard animations explain, they’re usually not great at telling stories (or sticking to an established brand). We believe story is the key to making real connections with your audience.

7 – Do you pitch for free to get projects?

The amount of time it takes to do our best work is far too great to do at no cost. We strongly believe in a fair relationship where everyone wins every time.

8 – Do you do pro bono work?

We occasionally do pro bono projects every year to help a small business or a community effort. We believe we have a responsibility in making the world a better place by using our abilities. If you are a non-profit or leading a community effort, you can tell us about your project at hello@madebythings.com

9 – I’ll have more work for you later if this goes well, can I get a discount?

I’m sorry, we don’t offer discounts on our work. However, if we combine many videos into a single proposal, we’re able to lower the cost because of a longer commitment.

10 – What if I don’t like the end result?

We’ve put a process in place that leads us to the best possible results. By taking the time to get to know how we can help you and your audience at the very beginning, we significantly reduce the risk that you will not like the results. Especially since we share “work in progress”, or WIPs along the way.

All decisions made throughout the process, reflect your company and your goal. So while you may not like a certain color, we chose it because it sparks a specific emotion with your audience. The same goes for the story, art direction, animation, and sound.

It’s important to note that creating animation with purpose and emotion is what we’ve dedicated our lives to. It’s what we’ve spent 20,000+ hours perfecting and practicing every single day. It’s what we go to bed to dream about and wake up to do.

11 – How many revisions do we get?

We understand that you also have good ideas and we’re always listening. If there’s something that is crucial to the success of the project that you noticed, we’re more than happy to take a look and make any changes. We don’t always put a number on the number of revisions allowed. We’re focused solely on delivering you the best possible product for you to achieve your goals.

Written by Matt Vojacek


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