How To Sell Honestly

Sales is something that most people don’t enjoy on either the customer side or the business side.

Many of the people I talk to that do sales or marketing are good people, but even they feel like they’re being manipulative from time to time to get people to buy more of whatever they’re selling.

What if though, there was a way YOU could love marketing — and your customers knew that you were selling to them, but and ALSO loved your marketing? Is that even possible?

In this article, we’re going to talk about doing sales for your business honestly and finding your love for marketing at the same time.

It’s no secret that every business wants to sell more products, but how can you do it so that it’s always a win-win for you AND your customers?

A business-customer relationship should be treated as such, a relationship in which each side gains something more valuable than what they previously had. In your case it’s money, in your customer’s case, it’s a product or service.

When developing a marketing strategy, think about your audience and your relationship with them just as much, if not more than your actual product. It helps to actually think of them as a close family member.

You wouldn’t sell a close family member something you knew they didn’t need or lie to them about what a product actually does, or the quality of the product, I hope not anyway.

To sell your product or service honestly, you should opening tell people who your product isn’t good for. No, you shouldn’t take out a super bowl ad to tell people not to buy your product… not a bad idea though… But you should instead focus all your attention and marketing to the people that gain the most from your product.

So what’s the secret for getting your customers to love your marketing?

It’s simple, give more than you receive.

Be known as a giving company by giving something of value to your audience as opposed to always asking for something. I know, it’s a tough idea to get over but let’s take an outdoors company for example, what could they give their audience that’s related to their products?

  • Maybe they have a section of their site that’s a list of hiking trails in a certain area.
  • Maybe they make and give away custom maps of certain trails
  • Maybe they create checklists for people going to certain places.
  • Maybe they host a monthly events at certain trails and provide a free hike leader to guide them on trails.

The list is endless, but by giving more than you ask for, people won’t mind being sold to occasionally.

By becoming a giving company, both you and your customers will love your marketing and you’ll both receive much more in the end.


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