What Is Kinetic Type?

Let’s start with the question of, “What is Kinetic typography/kinetic text?”.

Kinetic type is a style of motion graphics that mainly includes moving text. It’s the process of giving life and emotion to a story or script with fonts and maybe some other elements of graphic design. Take a look at a subtle kinetic typography video we created for Gamalon.


You can learn more about our work on this Gamalon project here.

While the energy levels on animation can range from fast to slow, kinetic text animations are a great way to grab a person’s attention and deliver a lot more content in a shorter amount of time.

Kinetic text videos are great for music videos, book readings, interviews, brand stories, and many other purposes. They work great with or without voice-overs and can be quick content or long-form content.

The Process of Kinetic Text

Before anything is designed, it always starts with story for us. The story by itself should be captivating and entertaining if you want people to watch. From there, we match our graphic design and visuals to the story and a company’s brand. With the help of music, we then develop the emotion and tone of the video.

Kinetic typography the process of giving life and emotion to a story with words.

What’s the Value of Kinetic typography?

Using kinetic typography with video, brands are able to get through to people that otherwise would have skipped reading the same content if it were text. Not only that, but brands that use video this way are also able to deliver more emotions to a viewer then simple text would have been able to do, thus creating more memorability.

Video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. (Source: Video Brewery)


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