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Root – “Stupid Simple”

The goal of this project was very simple, to drive more awareness of Root’s offerings. To gain more awareness of their brand, Root would run a series of online ads to reach their audience using an animation we’d create for them.

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The Game of Creativity

By the end of the campaign, we raised $32,394 with packs of The Game of Creativity going out to 6 continents all over the world.

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Making Midwest

Making Midwest is a conference that doesn’t focus on a single creative industry, but instead focuses on how to be a more creative pro. Whether your tool of choice is a mouse, a sketchbook, a pen or a cutting board, you belong here. We spend 3 days diving into creativity, making things and listening to other Midwest pros share their stories.

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how do you tell of complex technologies so people can easily understand how it works and the benefits they offer?

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Essential Federal Credit Union

In reality, the foodbank is just a warehouse with food, but we sort of wanted people to feel like the food shelter was a magical wonderland where good deeds and public service came together to help people in need.

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