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Arcadia – Brand Film

While this one seemed a little intimidating, especially understanding some of the more technical language and aspects of data analysis and healthcare, we were tasked with making Arcadia look like the leather-jacket-wearers of healthcare data.

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Smile Doctors + Dental Monitoring

Initially, they were going to go with a live-action approach but had some doubts that large images of teeth and gums would match their fun and witty brand. Also… close-ups of teeth and gums can be kinda scary.

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Torani – Glitter Cat

We want to inspire people and do our little part in making the world a better place. No more than 5 minutes into our planning conversations and it became abundantly clear that this was a story we NEEDED tell. 

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After just 4 months, our team helped Provide create 4 crucial pieces of content to help in the growth of their brand.

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Huckleberry came to us weeks before they were about to launch their first paid ad campaign and wanted to start on the right foot with great content that would resonate with people and help them stand out from the crowd.

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Kenyon College

Colleges across the country have always had the challenging task of communicating in the right way with prospective students. Today, that task is as difficult as it’s ever been.

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So many big words and acronyms, it’s hard to even know what health plans you’re even selecting for yourself and employees. On top of that, every year it seems that these plans charge more and provide less.

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Welcome To IBEX

The IBEX oven is without a doubt, one of the best innovations in commercial cooking, but here’s a big problem not many people talk about when it comes to NEW products… Adoption of that product can be met with skepticism.

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Stop-Motion Thing

Stop-Motion Thing is our new service to create on-demand video footage, images, and stop-motion of products.

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Drive Capital

There’s no shortage of short videos telling the world how great their company is. When we’re given a 6 min audio clip and the average brand video is around 90 seconds, we had to treat this less like a brand video and more like a short film.

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Stronger Than Yesterday 🏆

While technology and computers are a big part of what we do, finding ways to communicate emotions and feelings is what we constantly think about. This award-winning campaign was 4 films telling real stories of local patients.

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Fox Sports Go

16 30-second videos for 16 NBA teams across the country. Each one featuring hand-drawn animation made to look like its displayed on buildings from the team’s city.

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Rhove – Explainer

Not all great ideas are easy to explain. When Co-founders of Rhove, Calvin Cooper and Jonathan Slemp reached out to us, they were having a big problem being able to quickly tell potential users exactly how Rhove works.

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Where Are You Now 🏆

Sometimes we make things for ourselves. “Where Are You Now” is a short film created by us based on the personal story of Creative Director, Matt Vojacek.

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Root – “Stupid Simple”

The goal of this project was very simple, to drive more awareness of Root’s offerings. To gain more awareness of their brand, Root would run a series of online ads to reach their audience using an animation we’d create for them.

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Palmer Donavin

Covid has caused many businesses to shift how they communicate with their clients. Palmer Donavin was no exception. In looking for a solution, we used some of the latest web animation technology in Lottie.

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Dr. Joe Explains

The Problem After being diagnosed with an illness like breast cancer, it’s common to have a lot of questions. When asking doctors, it can be tough to completely understand what they’re talking about, what it means for you and how to move forward. And more often than not, you forget to ask certain questions or …

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Essential Federal Credit Union 🏆

In reality, the foodbank is just a warehouse with food, but we sort of wanted people to feel like the food shelter was a magical wonderland where good deeds and public service came together to help people in need.

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