Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the process of creating films and videos like animated explainers, kinetic type animations, animated short films, commercials, exhibit content, email gifs and much more for entertainment or for brands.

But, what exactly do motion graphics look like? Let’s start by taking a look at our reel below.

Motion graphics can be described simply as the combination of graphic design and video or film. Motion graphics is a term that’s often associated with things like kinetic type (moving text) or images but has matured to include many other skill-sets. A few decades ago, motion graphics started emerging on the scene in the form of movie title sequences and mostly 2d animations. At that time, people started combining that simple idea with new skill sets like 3d animation, stop motion animation and film (this combination is sometimes referred to as “motion design”).

Basically, motion graphics are the combination of many skill sets to complete an entire video for TV, film or web. Skill sets like 3d animation, hand-drawn animation, 2d animation, graphic design, illustration, sound design, film, and editing.

With all of our motion graphics projects, we start by making a creative brief. That brief gives us our guidelines for how we can be creative within certain parameters that include a target audience, the goal of a piece and existing brand materials.

The starting point for us is always creating a story that people can relate to, but also includes how a brand/product helps people. We then work to include the brand and goal into the visual components.  From there we dive into design and/or illustration. This is where we figure out how the film will look. Once that’s approved by the client, we start the animation process. After that, we create the audio track to engage another one of the viewer’s senses. In some cases, we combine motion design with a strategy to help add value for clients by helping them plan and distribute a video for optimized ROI.

Video attracts 2-3x as many monthly visitors, doubles time on site, and has a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. (Source: MarketingSherpa)

The Value of Motion Graphics

When done professionally, motion graphics add a high level of professionalism and emotion to content. Known as a medium that can be made for anyone from young kids to grown adults, motion design has the ability to connect with all audiences and demographics. It also carries a great ability to tell stories. One of the secrets we believe behind getting customers to remember an ad is through story. Otherwise, it’s just more noise in the advertising world.

Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. (Source: Simply Measured)

Take a look at a deeper dive into our process as well as some of our case studies here.

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