Have you ever watched a movie and wondered, “How in the world did they do that?” You know those mind-bending and heart-stopping moments that leave us in awe? Well, Using Visual Effects is exactly how it’s done.

With the help of advanced technology and a lot of creativity, visual effects artists can make dragons fly, buildings explode, and superheroes leap tall buildings in a single bound. They can take a simple scene and turn it into a breathtaking masterpiece that leaves us all saying “Wow!”

Of course, visual effects are not just limited to the big screen. They are also used in television shows, commercials, and even brand content.

That’s where we come in! Our team has the capabilities to paint out unwanted objects in a scene, extend sets with matte painting, replace green screen footage or even build 3d worlds using LED wall technology. Nothing is off limits when it comes to VFX.


Planning visual effects can be a tedious process, but making sure we understand shot counts, art descriptions, budget, and methodology is a very important part of making sure we plan appropriatly before going into shoot day. 

During shoots, our team works with a live-action crew first to be the role of VFX Supervisor. During these shoots, our VFX Supervisor will work directly with the entire crew to make sure that shoots are done in a way that would make VFX look best (and cost effectively)

After our team receives the live-action cut from the editor, we have our team complete all the planned work and send it back to the editor for them to update their shots with the NEW footage that includes the VFX work. Tada!

How to Know if VFX is Right for You

Often, the best story requires the ability to go anywhere or see anything at the perfect camera angle. Well, THAT’S why VFX exists. Using VFX, you’re able to make worlds more believable with a fraction of the budget.

VFX - Five Star Franchising

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