Arcadia – Brand Film

After learning about us through LinkedIn and our podcast, “The CMD-Z Show”, Arcadia approached us looking for a studio that could build a campaign that showcased their company, their new branding, and what they stood for. 

The Brand

Arcadia is an analytics platform for healthcare organizations. While this seemed a little intimidating, especially understanding some of the more technical language and aspects of data analysis and healthcare, Arcadia assured us that while the technical language could be daunting, they made it all pretty cool. They were the leather-jacket-wearers of healthcare data… And we were all in. 

The Plan

We got to work putting together concepts for our Discovery process and building a campaign. As part of this campaign, we presented the idea of creating a brand film, something that would really tell the story of Arcadia. It needed to speak to a prospective user or client of Arcadia’s, but also be something that would look slick on their new website. 

The Approach

Arcadia came with certain assets they wanted to feature in their film, including already-established 2D characters and graphics. But, they wanted to put these assets into a 3D world. This meant we needed to convert their 2D assets into 3D, including their characters. 

We also wanted to do something a little different with this video by making it a continuously scrolling-style animation, which further emphasizes how interconnected the different sections of healthcare are that Arcadia helps. 

The Work

For the narrative, we needed to create a video that would not only show how integral Arcadia is to healthcare and the importance of their work, but we also needed to simplify everything into a consumable video. We took on the challenge and crafted several concepts until we settled on a final vision that took the viewer on a journey, following data and the thread that binds it all together, Arcadia. Below is an early animatic to test our concept.


It took us a few trials to find just the right thread and create the perfect, final fabric after the data has been woven together. 

But just like the mosaic fabric blowing in the wind, all of the pieces came together as we injected a little extra life into our characters, added some tech-driven sound design, and brought in the proper voice-over. 

The Results

By the end of the process, we had not only learned a lot about healthcare and the importance of data management, but we had also created a brand film that brought awareness to what we’d learned and to Arcadia.

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