Dr. Joe Explains

The Problem

After being diagnosed with an illness like breast cancer, it’s common to have a lot of questions. When asking doctors, it can be tough to completely understand what they’re talking about, what it means for you and how to move forward. And more often than not, you forget to ask certain questions or just don’t know what questions to ask to begin with. The team at Dr. Joe Explains asked us to create content that’s unlike traditional/corporate videos that simply advertise a product. They wanted to tell a story and to hit the real world emotions that a patient reading through their materials might have on a daily basis.

on set camera shoot

Goal & Strategy

The goal of this project was to create content that’s not only helpful, but also tells a real story that can provide hope during the tough diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Not more generic explanations people could easily find on YouTube, but videos that speak honestly (from people that are going through the diagnosis themselves).

Tori Geib Talking


With the initial Dr. Joe Explains videos, we wanted to try two approaches, a live-action approach, and an animated approach. For both, we got Tori Geib in the studio to ask her some questions about her experience with breast cancer. After learning a bit more about Tori’s situation, we dove really deep into asking the questions many people want to know but maybe afraid to ask. Things about health insurance, the moment when she found out about her diagnosis and her family’s response. From there we crafted 2 stories from Tori’s words, the first about the Dr. Joe material and the other a heart-felt short story that we felt others should know.

Services Used

  • Strategy/Video Marketing
  • Video production
  • Design & Illustration
  • 2D Animation

Made By Things knows there is always a story that hasn’t been told, and they are experts in finding it. They went beyond the diagnosis and found the stories others need to hear. Made By Things beautifully captured Tori’s challenges and advice, turning them into something relatable and empowering for many other patients.

– Abby Hofmeister (Co-founder & CEO of Dr. Joe Explains)

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