Lightspeed – Rubrik

We had the opportunity to make a big impact on an even bigger moment as we helped Lightspeed celebrate Rubrik going public!

The Need 

Lightspeed approached us with the idea of creating a few social media assets to promote Rubrik’s IPO. This entailed:

  • One blog post header graphic in varying sizes 
  • One landing page graphic in varying sizes
  • Three live action edited videos
  • Four animated assets for a social media carousel
  • And one animated timeline video of Lightspeed and Rubrik’s relationship

The Approach 

When we first started, we were only set to create the video content. So we got to work on crafting the animated assets and live action videos. Once those were completed, we learned Lightspeed could also use some help creating graphics for social media. So we started on those next!

While we were finishing those graphics, we learned that the timeline video we created would be premiering on the New York Stock Exchange billboard in Times Square! This was huge news for us, so we jumped back into our video and began adjusting to fit their exact dimensions. 

And on the day of Rubrik’s public launch, we were waiting with baited breath as we remained close to our emails, anticipating the big moment. 

And the day went better than we could have imagined. The screen lit up with our video, blog posts were released, and graphics were posted.

We learned so much during this process and we’re so grateful to have helped Lightspeed commemorate Rubrik’s new journey!



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