Making Midwest

Making Midwest is a conference that doesn’t focus on a single creative industry, but instead focuses on how to be a more creative pro. Whether your tool of choice is a mouse, a sketchbook, a pen or a cutting board, you belong here. We spend 3 days diving into creativity, learning, making things and listening to other Midwest pros share their stories.

The Problem

Making Midwest started in 2015 as a response to a simple idea, Creative professionals are trained early on to believe they have to be on the coasts (LA & NY) to be successful. While we’re not anti-coast, we want young professionals in the Midwest to know they have an amazing community right here. Artists that are doing incredible work in our backyards and more than happy to sit down for coffee with anyone. We wanted people to see a side of their own creative community they didn’t even know existed.

Services Used

  • Strategy/Video Marketing
  • Design & Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video
  • Screen Printing
  • Fabrication/Stage Design
  • Paid Advertising

Goal & Strategy

Early on, the goal for Making Midwest was to simply keep developing to meet the needs for the creative community in our home city of Columbus. We wanted to try to get 60 people in a room for one of our events, most of all, we just wanted to provide valuable content for our community.


Leading up to our conference, we use many different services and tools for marketing and for creation of materials. In 2019, our content marketing strategy on social media had us gain 100% more followers on Instagram (+2,000). We created several images to be shared by us as well as our presenters. We created risograph posters and hung up all over town as a more traditional form of marketing. In 2019, we saw 200+ attendees traveling in from all over the Midwest United States.

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