Provide is a funding platform for doctors looking to finance, build, or buy a practice of their own. Provide works in many areas of the funding journey for doctors, giving them the financial resources they need to succeed.


Starting with our Discovery process in November of 2021, we learned that Provide was looking for an interesting way to make people aware of their services. The word “Explainer” popped up quite a bit in those early meetings, but we saw more opportunity than a simple Explainer video.

We learned a few very important things in those meetings:

1. Provide wasn’t afraid of trying something a bit different than a traditional Explainer. They also wanted to tell a great story people could really be proud to share.

2. They needed some help when it came to social media content creation. Their team was already bursting at the seams with design requests.


3. They were planning to grow their staff pretty substantially over the next couple of years.
The Work

With those three important opportunities for content in mind, we put together a few options on how we could use video content to help them solve some pretty big problems. We had two rounds of production:

Round One (starting in November 2021): First Brand Film (dentist-focused), Explainer, Recruitment Video, and Social Media Content

Round Two (starting in August 2022): Second Brand Film (vet-focused), Product Videos, Partner Stories, and Updated Social Media Content

Brand Films

First, we’d create one Brand Film. A piece of content that would help start the relationship with their audience without being boring or cliche. The Brand Film would tell a story of the Provide journey through the eyes of one of their partners. It would showcase moments of struggle and success to create a more emotional story that Provide’s audience can really connect with. We’d create two brand films following two different doctors, one a dentist and the other a veterinarian.



Product Videos

We’d then dive even deeper into the products assisting these doctors in a series of Product Videos. These videos were intended to present some of the products Provide offers in an explainer format, but still keeping the same style we’d established when we created the first brand film – a style that was story-driven. Instead of making simple explainers, we wanted to use the products within the journeys of vets and dentists to give applicable examples of how the products really work. We’d create six videos, each with their own vet- and dental-focused version.


We’d create an Explainer. This would be a little more traditional but still feature moments of storytelling. You can learn more about the differences between a Brand Film and an Explainer here. The idea was that the Brand Film and the Explainer would be a powerful one-two punch. They would help people become more aware of:

  1. Who Provide is
  2. The problem they solve
  3. The products they sell


We also wanted to create a live-action recruiting video. Complete with set design and animated moments that tie in ALL the above content for a branded campaign. The idea here was to give potential hires a look at the company and the people within.

Partner Stories

Beyond just the services, products, and culture that Provide offers, we also wanted to highlight their partners. So, we’d journey out of our homes to Bend, OR and Atlanta, GA, respectively, to film interviews with a dental team and veterinarian. We knew we didn’t want the focus to be all on Provide, but more on their partners’ dreams and how Provide was a part of helping them become a reality. We also wanted to add some animated elements to highlight key moments and really make them pop.



Social Media Content

With all of that content in place, we’d then make animated social media content to be showcased on Provide’s social media pages. These would be made as templates so Provide’s design team could use them to create an infinite amount of branded content.

  • “We feel lucky to work with Made By Things! What makes our partnership so great is that our goal is to tell a story that moves people. We know we’ve hit the mark when we hear, ‘I cried when I watched it!’ ‘Wow, that felt so different and human!’ ‘I loved the animations!’

    Jess Ehler

    Head of Marketing and Culture at Provide

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