Stop-Motion Thing

Unlike the other work in our portfolio, Stop-Motion Thing was a product of an idea to help 30+ businesses, not just one business.

The Problem

In 2020, Everything changed for the world and us as a business. We knew early on though that we needed to come up with an idea to help businesses in a way that was less traditional than what we were used to. Budgets everywhere were on pause, but people everywhere still need content to promote their product and business.

The Strategy

With our team working from home just like most of the United States, we thought about how we could make an impact on businesses with what we have around us at a price point we’ve never offered before. We decided to put together our stop-motion studio and ask if anyone would have any interest. The response we received will be remembered for years to come!

The Approach

We opened up 20 spots and all sold out in less than 7 days. We now had 20 videos to make in less than 2 weeks’ time. By using the same general lighting and studio backgrounds, we were able to shoot all 20 videos in a week and edit/deliver them all the following week. Here’s some of what people said.

The Result

After so much positive feedback for our 2 sessions of 20 videos each, we’ve transitioned our idea into what is now known at Stop-Motion Thing. Available now for bookings of your product! Learn more and sign up at this link!

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