The Game of Creativity 🏆

The Problem

At some point or another, no matter your skill level, we all run into a creative block sometimes. You might already use some tools to help you out of that block like Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble or Instagram. But there’s a big problem with that. The problem is that using another person’s art as inspiration often leads you to a result that might be a little too similar to theirs and not very YOU. So, how can we help people be more creative and inspired by their own ideas?

Services Used

  • Strategy/Video Marketing
  • Writing
  • Design & Illustration
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video & Stop Motion


After experimenting with different techniques and researching how to come up with more creative thoughts, we learned that one of the best ways to get ideas is a collision of random thoughts/ideas. Immediately, the thought of a shuffled deck of cards came to mind as a way to help people generate a random collision.

Unlike most of our projects, this one was was different in that it was a pure internal idea that we decided to take to market ourselves. After coming up with the idea and designing a deck of 56 cards, it was time to dive into the business side to figure out costs for production and shipping logistics.

Goal & Strategy

Once it was made and we had a prototype made, the next step was to see what others thought about the idea and to get it funded. What better way to do that for a small idea than using Kickstarter? So we created a campaign to raise enough money for just a few decks ($750) with this more personal video below.

During the campaign and immediately following, we relied on using motion in a number of different ways to bring a simple concept to life and develop a personality. We used 3d animation, Photography, live action video, stop motion animation and simple gif loops in everything from social media, the website and email marketing to turn a simple deck of cards into a rewarding side business.


After just 1 day, we already reached our goal of $750. After 3 days, our project was featured on a number of blogs including Creative Bloq and Design Taxi. By the end of the campaign, we raised $32,394 with packs of The Game of Creativity going out to 6 continents all over the world. The campaign ended as one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of the year reaching 4,319% of the initial goal.


This is the perfect item for me. I get to just flip cards and let my mind go wild. A must-have for artists especially (Because we all hit an idea drought at some point!)

– J. Gorman

You can learn more about The Game of Creativity at this link. Or listen to more about the project at the podcast link below.


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