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The Problem

How do you create marketing material that doesn’t feel like marketing material? After talking with Natasha Wheeler (Co-Founder & Creative Director) she said they “always wanted to use video for their company but struggled with how to get started.”. As for the problem we set out to solve, Tonic didn’t have any marketing material or content (aside from sharing their amazing work) that would help people learn more about the people behind the work.

Services Used

  • Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing

Goal & Strategy

The goal of this project was to create a video that would help their audience get to know Natasha, Andrew, their team and their company on a more personal level. When looking at the sales funnel, this video needed to build trust more than any other level. For that, we put away our animation skills in favor of a live action approach. There’s nothing that builds trust more than being face to face with someone and hearing unscripted words coming from their mouth.


To capture the authentic feeling behind their company we decided against planned questions and scripts in favor of real conversation. We wanted people to know what it’s like having conversations with Natasha and Andrew, we wanted people to know how it feels walking into their shop, we wanted to create the experience of being inside Tonic as much as we could in this video. Something that became important is that there’s so many details that go into printing shirts, while we wanted to stay away from an instructional how-its-made kind of video, we still wanted people to know what’s involved.

We let Made by Things take the lead with this whole experience. We knew it would be a brand video, but with letting go and trusting the process we really weren’t sure what to expect. They made a video for us, that I think feels more personal than if we had tried to make something for ourselves. They asked questions that went way beyond the who, what, where, when, and why. We’ll be sharing this video as way for viewers to get to know us. It’s easy for us to forget that there’s more of a story to be told than just the details of our process. Made by Things created something that is about us, how we feel about the work we do, and not just about what we do.

– Natasha Wheeler (Co-Founder & Creative Director of Tonic Studios)


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