When we first spoke with Made By Things, we wanted an “explainer” video that was outside the norm, much more than: “we are UnifiHealth and we do this”. Matt picked up our direction instantly, but pushed us to ensure the video would have a commercial impact, that it would help us move our company forward by driving sales activity and brand awareness. Ultimately, Made By Things created a unique and valuable asset for our business and were a pleasure to work with.

  • Brodie Stone, Co-founder of Unifihealth

The Brand

Unifihealth is a new startup on a mission to make health plans easier.

The Problem

So many big words and acronyms, it’s hard to even know what health plans you’re even selecting for yourself and employees. On top of that, every year it seems that these plans charge more and provide less. Unifihealth came to us looking for a tool to help them break through the clutter and reach business owners in the healthcare mess they may be in. Health plans are complicating, almost to the point that it becomes humorous…

The Plan

The moment we started our conversation about working together, the Unifihealth team was adamant on a few things.

  1. It needed to capture the ACTUAL spirit of a business owner.
  2. They wanted to use characters to help tell their story.
  3. It should be humorous. A bit sarcastic with a bit of dry humor mixed in…Think, The Office.

This video would be used to gain awareness with their audience. that being the case, we knew we wanted to keep it short, our goal was somewhere around the 1 min mark.

The Approach

Since this piece was to be a pure awareness piece, we wouldn’t worry about selling people on the idea with this video, we’d simply create a tool for the sales team to quickly explain what they do in an entertaining way. Since we’re all sick of traditional explainers, we decided that we would turn that traditional explainer on its head and almost poke fun at the ol’ “This is Bob, he’s a business owner…” style of explainers in favor of something more unexpected.

The Work

Right from the start, we knew we needed to get our characters right. Almost as if it was casting for a live-action film. They needed to be a bit more on the adult side of things and not funny in a physical way. So, we created a few options with these 2 as our main options.

Option “A”, being more realistic proportions, and option “B”, being something a bit more on the cartoony side of things. Ultimately, we went with option “A” as the better fit. From there, we took the odd next step of ACTUALLY casting our voice talent to match our characters.

When it came to animation, we knew we needed to bring the energy. we needed to make sure this video blew past the “education” level to the “entertaining” level to meet our goal of the project. Throw in a bit of sound design and music… and ta-dah! (wish it was that easy ????)

In the end, our team and the Unifihealth team were thrilled with the end product! we led with humor and told an entertaining story that helped business owners understand that there’s a new option in town. ????


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