Spring 2020, Daily Lunch Workshops

March 19, 2020

Well, it’s day 6 of quarantine from COVID-19. It seems everyone in the creative industry has been affected pretty significantly. I’m reading of mass layoffs and other financial struggles and wondering what I could do to help. In the past, these are the kinds of events that help people pivot in their careers to pursue new interests. In 2009 during the last recession, companies like Airbnb, Uber, Tumblr used the opportunity to learn very important things that changed our culture. I have no doubt that this one will produce the same kind of creativity.

That’s why, starting March 23rd, I (Matt Vojacek from Made by Things) will be launching a daily online workshop series at lunchtime (Noon Eastern time). Grab your lunch and join us at the link below 5-10min before the workshop starts. Each workshop lasts about 1 hour, maybe a little longer if the conversation gets really deep. This series is meant to be a bit interactive, but if you’d rather just watch, simply turn off your camera and mute on the session and enjoy it!

We’ll explore the many areas of creative work from many perspectives including junior level to senior level + entrepreneurship. Each workshop can hold up to 50 people, I expect the groups to be small, but in the case that we get up to 50 people, workshops will be first come first serve, so get logged in early to reserve your spot.

In an effort to support our community that may have been hit hard by COVID-19, each workshop is pay-what-you-can. Meaning, if you’re struggling right now, don’t feel obligated to give anything. However, if you’re able and you find value in a workshop, please give what you can to help me keep this series going. Maybe get me lunch for $10, maybe my family for $20, or maybe my team for $100+, it’s completely up to you.

@matt-vojacek on Venmo on Paypal

It’s always open, Workshops start at 12 pm ET unless labeled below otherwise. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Here’s the Spring 2020 Workshop dates:

The date link will make a google calendar event for you.

March 23, 2020 – Video Marketing

March 24, 2020 – Content Marketing

March 25, 2020 – Building an Audience

March 26, 2020 – Starting an Event/Conference

March 27, 2020 – Freelancing Basics

April 1, 2020 – Starting a Business 

April 2, 2020 – Getting a Creative Job 

April 3, 2020 – Kickstarter and Crowdfunding 

April 6, 2020 – Building a Brand

April 7, 2020 – Instagram for Business

April 8, 2020 – LinkedIn for Business

April 9, 2020 – Business Development

April 10, 2020 – Storytelling

April 13, 2020 – Client Project Management 

April 14, 2020 – Personal Projects

April 15, 2020 – Making a Short Film 

April 16, 2020 – Business Budgeting 

April 17, 2020 – Portfolio Building/Online Portfolio 

April 20, 2020 – Creating a Course 

April 21, 2020 – Creative Direction

April 22, 2020 – Art Direction 

April 23, 2020 – Starting Over in a New City

April 24, 2020 – Pricing Your Work

April 27, 2020 – Sales

April 28, 2020 – Business Strategy 

April 29, 2020 – Hiring Freelancers 

April 30, 2020 – Hiring Full-time Employees

May 1, 2020 – How to Win Awards

May 4, 2020 – Journaling

May 5, 2020 – Selling a Product

Workshops are subject to change, if that happens, I’ll be sure to post an update on this page ASAP. 

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