Short Films

Did you know that humans are the only species on this planet to use stories to gain new information? It’s why we love books and movies so much. ????

Since humans have been painting in caves, we’ve been learning best through stories (not stats and facts). And despite what your local car dealer does, it’s not loud screaming and seemingly low prices that entertains people.

“They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W. Buehner

Story is the central element of getting your audience to remember what you tell them. Unfortunately, storytelling has turned into a lost art within the advertising and marketing industry. However, we believe that a great story is everything when it comes to making people feel something. When you make people feel something about your product, you help them understand your brand, you help them remember your product and most importantly, you gain their trust.

Many short films are between 3-15min in length. But, wait, isn’t the attention span of a human only 5 seconds? No. Despite what you’ve been told, if you entertain an audience, they’ll stick around for hours. The key here is to entertain. Short films for brands are NOT long infomercials, they’re more like branded content. Something created for your audience that builds trust much more than any great paid ad can do.

Not all stories have words though, check out our short film, “Where are you now”.

The Process 

After strategy, all our creative projects start with a story. We may specialize in visual communication, but we also understand the importance of making people feel something. In the first conversations with brands we work with, we’re often looking for stories from the moment we walk in the doors. Sometimes it’s a picture on the wall, sometimes it’s a powerful testimonial and sometimes it’s a dream the owner of a company has for its customers. But the one common part of every story we tell is — Brands are not the hero of a company’s story, it’s customers are.

When creating stories to tell, we focus greatly on the emotions we want people to have about a brand’s product or service.

Another principle we live by with storytelling is, “work hard to be the content — not the thing standing in between your customer and it’s content”. Visuals alone can be entertaining, but when combined with a great story can lead to a bond that creates super fans.

The Value of short films 

While we can’t always quantify short films, we know it deepens connections with an audience and it creates emotions that you want to be associated with your brand. Making people feel something brings them closer while yelling about your latest sale pushes them away.

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