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Featured Work

  • Provide – A Dream Come True

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  • Arcadia – Brand Film

    While this one seemed a little intimidating, especially understanding some of the more technical language and aspects of data analysis and healthcare, we were tasked with making Arcadia look like the leather-jacket-wearers of healthcare data.

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  • University of Florida

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  • Provide

    This comprehensive campaign was completed with 2D and 3D animation and live action.

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  • Children’s Hospital

    4 environments, 14 characters, 30,000 frames at 4k, and some of the most complex math we’ve ever taken on.

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  • Torani – Glitter Cat

    We want to inspire people and do our little part in making the world a better place. No more than 5 minutes into our planning conversations and it became abundantly clear that this was a story we NEEDED tell. 

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  • Tonic Studios

    “It’s easy for us to forget that there’s more of a story to be told than just the details of our process. Made by Things created something that is about us, how we feel about the work we do, and not just about what we do.”

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