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Here’s What We’re All About

There’s something you need to know about your audience. Just like you, they don’t want to be sold to as “consumers” — They want to be understood and they want to be inspired.

Just a decade or two ago, you could simply pay for air time and people would rush out to buy whatever you were selling. Since then, it’s gotten very noisy out there with everyone yelling about why you need to buy their new thing. It’s estimated that we’re advertised to up to 5,000 times per day. With all that noise, people have trained themselves to tune out traditional advertising. They’re ignoring banner ads and they’re skipping commercials. So, how do you get through to people? The answer — You have to play a different game.

We exist to help brands reach their audience by helping you fight through the noise. We don’t do it by creating more ad pollution that will just be ignored, we do it by creating content your audience WANTS to watch.

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