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The University of Florida needed three videos featuring interviews and highlighted images of specific topics. However, we didn’t have time to film live action in-person as it would have taken a full crew to shoot the interviews and get the appropriate b-roll. We needed to come up with a new plan!

Goal & Strategy 

BVK, an advertising agency based in Milwaukee, WI, approached us with a project idea for their client, the University of Florida. They wanted to showcase interviews and b-roll in an entertaining way that would keep the audience engaged (especially since the intended audience were teenagers and/or their parents). 

We created a strategy that would allow our interviewees to remain in Florida and only take up about a half-hour of their day. We also took inspiration from one of our prior videos for Kenyon College as they had faced a similar issue. 


We recorded three interviews remotely with BVK. From there, we edited these interviews down to 30 seconds each and designed frames that reflected each interviewee’s particular topic. We approached this with a cut-out style that utilized stock images and photos supplied to us by UF that they wanted to see highlighted within the video. 

Topics covered within the videos include People, Place, and Perspective, and feature the voices of a student and two professors.  The scrapbook-style creates almost a sense of nostalgia for parents and guidance counselors while also retaining an exciting, hopeful tone for prospective students as they will one day reminisce about their time there. But for now, they can look forward to attending school in sunny Florida!


“People – Roshawn” won Best of Category for Motion at Creative Best, 2023. 

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