Our 7 Favorite Frames of 2023

January 19, 2024

2023 was a great year for our team at Made By Things and as it comes to a close, it has us feeling a bit nostalgic about the year that was. We worked on dozens of great projects in 2023 and made a lot of really cool frames… But here’s our 7 favorite:

We started the year off strong with this one. This frame is from a series we did with Arcadia called “Behind the Data.” We filmed interviews with healthcare and data professionals and designed abstract animated worlds that helped articulate their big ideas into simplified images. This was one of the first frames we designed in 2023 and it’s still one of our favorites!

In June, we left our homes and flew down south to sunny Atlanta, GA to shoot a video with Provide. We spent the day with Dr. Kate at The Healthy Pet, a Provide partner, and even got to spend some time on set with a few fuzzy friends. But of course, we had to add a special MXT flair to this video by bringing in some animated elements. You can find the finished piece here!

This frame represents a project that not only challenged us, but pushed us to think about our characters in new ways! We had partnered previously with Smile Doctors on a series of videos in which we created all 3D characters and environments. But this time, they were in need of a video about their Support Services for a conference coming up. So, we got to work and designed 2D vector characters based on the original 3D characters. And we think these guys turned out pretty well. Check it out!

In 2023, we made robots with laser eyes! We created a new brand film for Provide that was a little different from the prior work we’d done with them. We took everything we loved about the Provide brand and made it 3D. We also took our characters out of the office and let them explore the high seas, traverse through dark forests, and search for buried treasure. But on their journey, they met some fearsome foes – three robots! We love how their shiny chrome hides within the shadows of this forest. It’s a perfect place for technology and nature to meet. Find it here!

Before we found the robots in the forest, we first created a series of product videos for Provide. Each video featured a veterinary and dental version as we walked through some of the great products and services Provide offers. But when it came to their new Provide Card, they wanted to push this one a little more. We set the scenes for our 2D characters on 3D stages. This was a great opportunity for us to blend both forms together and was just the start of us building out the 3D Provide look. See the finished video!

We love creating 3D characters, so of course we were excited to imagine new Provide characters in three dimensions! You remember the robots from before? Well, here is our awesome team ready to defeat them, each with their very own power! This frame was inspired by every great action movie sequence when the crew unites to overcome their final challenge. It’s a moment of bringing individual powers together to make the team whole and we were so thrilled to bring it to life! Check out how Provide makes Dreams Come True.

And finally, to round out our best frames of 2023, we have our Made By Things retreat. Everyone on the team works remotely and some of us live thousands of miles away from each other, so being able to get together for a weekend of fun and games was definitely a highlight of this year. Here we see our annual tournament that determines the new employee of the year – a heated game of mini golf. 


Here’s to 2024 and all the frames yet to come!

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