Provide – A Dream Come True

After working with Provide for over a year on a large campaign featuring two brand films, twelve product videos, social media templates, and two live action videos (all of which you can read about here), we created a new brand piece that took inspiration from a prior work, but in an entirely new style!

The Plan 

We put together a few different concepts for this piece, but the Provide felt the most drawn to something new: 3D animation. And while we have incorporated some 3D into prior Provide projects, we had yet to do a full 3D piece for them. It was a new challenge! How do we  take what we have been doing for Provide and apply it to a 3D world?


We started by designing what the characters would look like. Would they just be 3D versions of the other Provide characters or would they have a new look? After a couple different versions, we landed on Dr. Riley’s final form.


During this, we also went to work on the journey Dr. Riley would take during this video. We went wild with this script! Boats, robots, and buried treasure, oh my! This story was really going to let us stretch ourselves creatively with the design of this video. So, we started working out what this Provide world would look like, first through 2D illustrations and then translating it to 3D.


We also built out five other additional characters, including four Provide members who would be joining Dr. Riley on her adventure.  


And after storyboarding, designing, and modeling, it was finally time to start animating! But how would these characters move? We ended up bringing in some influences from action movies, video games, and even Japanese anime. Below is one of our animators working out the movement for the opening scene. 

We’re so proud of how this piece turned out and we’re so grateful to work with such an incredible client like Provide who trusted us to make something really special!

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