The Problem

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are simple ideas rooted in much complexity. When we asked Jon Linton, (Design Director at Gamalon) about the problem Gamalon is trying to solve, he said, “We wanted to tell a story about the research and products our company has worked on. We wanted to tell a story about where we believe the future of machine learning should go.”.

Services Used

  • Design & Illustration
  • Motion Graphics

Goal & Strategy

The goal of this project was to create a video for the brand new home page of Gamalon. Something that will introduce users to how Gamalon helps. The average user stays on a site for less than 2 minutes. So we wanted to make sure we stayed under that time to give Gamalon users a quick understanding of what they’ll learn more about on the site and what Gamalon helps people do.


While users stay on sites for less than 2 minutes, 55% spend less than 15 seconds if their attention isn’t captured immediately. So opening with something clean and visually interesting was a must for us. Starting first with the concepts:



We decided to go with a clean direction of the first option to help people understand the simplicity of the Gamalon service to them. After we figured out the art direction, we went straight into animation making sure that the video would be easy to read the entire time and had some abstract visuals throughout to help drive ideas home for the viewer.

Nice thing about working with Made By Things is that they are more of a partner rather than a “vendor” or “contractor”. They work collaboratively, bring creative ideas to the table, and can be trusted to deliver.

– Jon Linton (Design Director at Gamalon)

While many of the visuals are more simple and abstract, we knew that we needed to add a high amount of quality animation to go with the visuals to help Gamalon be recognized as incredibly professional and a leader in their industry.

One of the greatest uses of animation for business is to help explain complex ideas with simple visuals. It’s no secret that users would rather watch a video over reading paragraphs. For Gamalon, we did just that in a way that matched their brand and the story they wanted to tell.

– Matt Vojacek (Founder & Creative Director of Made By Things)

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