Arcadia – Lake House

After working with Arcadia on two projects previously, we had the opportunity to work with their team for a THIRD time on another awesome series in a brand new style. 

The Plan 

As we began planning, we knew we wanted to tell a story that supported the overall theme of the importance of organized data in healthcare. We wrote three potential stories and narrowed them down to focus on one bioluminescent jellyfish-inspired video that would give us the opportunity to focus on Arcadia’s data lake house. Once we got into the video, the jellyfish swam away and were replaced by data points.

The Approach 

While many of Arcadia’s brand assets are 2D, we had brought Arcadia to the world of 3D twice before (in the Brand Film and Animated Series) and were excited to do it a third time. But this time, we created a new world of data rising from under the waves, shooting up into the data lake house (inspired by the Arcadia logo), and dispersing within a hospital.



Art Direction

For our visuals, we took a lot of inspiration from some of those cliche Lamborghini posters kids used to hang in their bedrooms when they were kids. We wanted to experiment with brighter neon colors and the speed lines that style or artwork used to highlight.



After storyboarding, designing, and animating, we finally started working on the sound… We had originally discussed references like “Tron” and we figured the best route to go for music would be a synth track that highlighted the key moments within the video. But to really highlight those moments, we composed a custom track unique to this video.



And with our final ingredients added, we finalized the main video and then created six shorter videos within this same world that focused more on specific aspects of the lake house. These videos cover the themes of Self-Service, Scale, Flexible, Fast, Care, and AI.



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